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Date: 01-22-19

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock Expose the Jewish Privilege of the Sackler Family that has Murdered hundreds of thousands of People and Destroyed millions of Families Worldwide!

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Date: 01-21-19

Dr Duke & Dr Slattery Expose the lying, vicious anti-White Zio Media Coverage of Catholic Students in DC!

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Date: 01-18-19

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Date: 01-17-19

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Date: 01-16-19

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Date: 01-15-19

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock of UK - The Zio NY Times/Global Media Crucifixion of Rep. Steve King!

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Date: 01-14-19

Dr Duke & Panel on scientific Hero - the DNA Discoverer James Watson & Duke on Why the Warrior Cold Shower Can Change Your Life!

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Date: 01-11-19

Dr Duke & Mark Collett of UK on ZioHypocrisy on Israel, Terrorism, War & Porn!

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Date: 01-10-19

Dr Duke and Dr Slattery the disgusting Chutzpah of Calling Jewish Israel allegiance a "Canard"!

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Date: 01-09-19

Dr Duke & Mark Dankof - What Trump Must Do to Get the Wall! & the Rosenstein Zio Crucifixion of Trump!

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Date: 01-08-19

Dr Duke & Andy Hitchcock of UK on Yellow Vest Revolution & Blood Libel AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE !

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Date: 01-07-19

Dr Duke & Augustus Expose REAL BLACK KILLER after ZioMedia WitchHunt for FAKE WHITE KILLER & Fire ZioBolten!

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Date: 01-04-19

Dr Duke Mark Collett on How Syria Proves the Zionists Can be Defeated & Collett's New Video "Oven Chips"

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Date: 01-03-19

Dr Duke and Eric Striker on Why the Jewish Supremacists Seek the Public Crucifixion of Prez Trump!

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Date: 01-02-19

Dr Duke & Augustus on Romney ZioCollaboration * Treason & Charlottesville Facts!

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